Monday, March 24, 2003

Back in the saddle again...
Back to blogging after about a year ... I have enjoyed reading some other people's blogs (especially Going Bridal), so decided it was time to revive my own. It's practically mainstream as a phenomenon now; within a short time after the bombs started dropping over Baghdad, my local NPR station announcers were mentioning links to reporters' web logs on their station web site. Listening to the radio for news (something I have been doing for a while) seems so low-tech in comparision.

But today I didn't think about the war much. It was my first day back after a week of wonderful vacation - spring training in surprisingly damp Phoenix seeing my beloved Oakland A's, several days around the house trying to get things done, and a wonderful cooking newsgroup party near Seattle. In my "web breaks", I was more interested in seeing the Oscars fashion parade. My coworkers and I did get a laugh when one of our supposedly technically astute peers in another department complained to us that some people were experiencing slowness browsing to CNN and Yahoo News during the middle of the day. The news sites only. As if this were something that we could fix for them. Duh.

(Really rusty on this html thing - will have to beg some assistance from more experienced folks. I did my web page in Notepad, and it is enough of a pain that I haven't updated it much in over five years.) Maybe I'll hold my nose and get FrontPage to update it. I do have lots of pix now that I would like to include.


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