Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Back on the farm!

After about a year's hiatus, this blog is back. Inspired by bloggers of faith like Sara and bls and so many more as they work out what it all means in front of God and everyone, I'm looking for a place to explore signs and wonders, things seen and unseen in the blogosphere, or at least get some practice putting things in words. It feels like it's getting to the point where, like with my food blog two years back, things are about to "take over" my regular blah-blah-blog on LJ.

I can probably modify links on my LJ account to include the non-LJ blogs I want to read daily now that I have a paid account, but I already know how to do it on blogspot.

I suspect there will be a lot of overlap among the three. I don't intend for this to be a religious ghetto of sorts. I will no doubt be talking about food here as well (to me the Holy Table and the Dinner Table are two sides of the same coin; see my second-anniversary post on L&C). Nor is this intended solely for Deep Thots; I'm way too silly for that. But I am hoping that I can both improve my "voice" and find some fellow travelers.

I've been re-reading Nora Gallagher's Things Seen and Unseen and one of the many things that resonated was a remark someone made to her. "You were in seeking mode; now you are in finding mode."

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