Tuesday, March 25, 2003

No Business As Usual

Last Thursday, anti-war protestors shut down many major streets in SF's Financial District, and over 1300 were arrested.

On Friday morning, I had a window seat in an airplane flying right over the Bay Bridge toll plaza at 7:50 am. There was NO LINE at the toll plaza and the "commute direction" traffic was moving at speed or close. Normally I would expect the place to be a parking lot. I've seen more of a line on Sunday mornings. I imagine just about everyone who normally drives either worked from home (yay VPN) or decided to take BART.

This week protests have apparently shifted focus - blockading Bechtel and the Federal Building, rather than shutting traffic
in the whole Financial District more or less down and annoying people who might otherwise be sympathetic to the cause.

But seeing the toll plaza empty during peak commute was something.


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