Thursday, March 27, 2003

Morning Miscellanea

Still working on getting my blog to look the way I want it to (without having to swot up on HTML since I really should be doing other things). Didn't do much of anything last night since I didn't leave work till past eight and just ate and slept when I got home. While I was waiting for my file copies to complete, though, I did sign up at a place I read about in Newsweek, a $30 product at that is supposed to assign legal but more than garage sale values to donated items. I don't need it for this tax year but I will for next! Supposed to print out a receipt and everything. If it works (I hope to get my Wardrobe for Opportunity donation dealt with Real Soon Now) I'm going to tell my good friend E. since she rather surprised me by telling me her 2003 goal was to get 52 banker's boxes worth of stuff out of her house. The surprise was that, except for her art supplies (she paints, sketches, and works in Fimo), she's actually pretty minimalist as far as I'm concerned. Although this might be occasioned by the fact that she's been moving furniture around like crazy drywalling/painting/recarpeting her rooms, now that she's decided to stay in that house (and has survived yet another round of layoffs). I think I need to throw 104 out to make a dent. However, since I am allowing myself to count the spring-cleaning efforts, I think I should be able to make it (especially if I change the quantity to grocery bags, my usual "hauler"). Can't wait for the weekend when I can clean some more. Sounds weird, huh? But I've got this lovely vision of finally being able to set up a sewing table in my office.


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