Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Political Animal

Last night as I was listening to All Things Considered, the buzz was all that Kerry was about to name his running mate and the information would be sent out in e-mail to the supporters list. I briefly considered making sure I was signed up, but figured it would all come out in the wash by the time I woke up, so toodled off to bed.

And sure enough, this morning it was all over the news that Kerry had made the obvious choice and gone with Sen. Edwards. (Since McCain had turned him down. Now that would have been ace.)

Oddly enough, I wasn't falling over with joy to hear this, even though I quite like Edwards (that man has some Elvis) and thought it an excellent choice (much better than that old war-horse Dick Gephardt, who was rumored to be Kerry's favorite in the chemistry department). I think I have a bit of trepidation about the traditional role of Veep candidate as Attack Dog, as I thought that Edwards' positivity was definitely one of the better things about him. Maybe Kerry can recruit Al Gore, who was doing a bang up job earlier (hee hee) and let Edwards spread his Southern charm all over.

Of course the fact that the Karl Rove Slime Machine immediately battened on Edwards (say what you will about the man's profession, he is the embodiment of the Work Hard and Anyone Can Succeed American Dream - his father was a mill worker, for God's sake) DOES rather warm the cockles of my heart. He is a threat and they know it.

I did check Wonkette this am (a guilty pleasure of mine) to see much hand-wringing from the Wonkette about her bad decision to get drunk, and thus hung-over, at this time and thus missing the scoop. (Although how scoopy it could be when a million people were getting emailed about it is somewhat beyond me. The reporter interviewed on ATC said that most of the press corps were planning to sleep next to their Blackberries to get that email.) But the thing that made me laugh out loud was the New York Post's "Dewey Defeats Truman" content ... as they had put the paper to bed, print, and distribution with "Kerry Names Gephardt". Mwuhahahaha!


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