Sunday, July 18, 2004

Now with Peectures

I finally got the camera software installed on the computer, and downloading pictures was easy. I also got a refresher in how to upload files to my web space (the machines keep changing around). The only thing I need to do now is tell the camera to not make the pictures so big, as they take a lot of disk space.

I also figured out how to embed them in blog posts with html code without cracking open my copy of "HTML for Dummies" (which I really should find), so here finally are some photos E. took with her digicam of my roses in early May, when they were incredibly lush.

Madame Hardy:

Madame Hardy

Gertrude Jekyll:

Gertrude Jekyll

And my porch window in early May, when I can smell the roses from the street:

The view

And of course here is the ObCatPic:

Miss Thing


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