Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Feeding the Multitudes

It's a subject near and dear to my heart. I have been made an honorary member of several ethnic groups not my own for my proclivity to want to feed people. I started my food blog after a Maundy Thursday dinner and service at Grace where the stuff just kept appearing on the point of its running out. And I've certainly got more practical practice with that since I moved over to St. Spike's, which is a big-time foodie parish.

So I was somewhat disappointed when my visit to my parents ended at a time after the available Eucharists in the area; actually, I might have made the 11 am at St. Martin's in Davis if I'd driven fast, but there was that little issue with my car overheating and I didn't want to push it and be stuck out in the middle of a Central Valley summer with no car and in my nice summer dress. So I missed hearing a sermon live in person.

But at least I got some good insights on the Gospel from Emily and Susie and LutheranChik.

(Amazing how much I missed "going to church" ... I can count on my fingers the number of Sundays in the last year I haven't, although a couple of times I made Evensong rather than morning HE.)


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