Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Quick update

Is it Wednesday already? I've spent a lot of time sleeping recently. I had trouble sleeping again on Sunday night - it was one of those "the cure is as bad as the disease" situations - but have made up for it since.

The improved mental outlook seems to be holding much of the time, thanks be to God. I also feel physically better much of the time, thanks be to God, although the underlying conditions haven't gone away, even with an interesting selection of meds.

So for right now it's "watch and pray", and try to take care of myself in various ways. Your thoughtful comments, kind words, and prayers have been much appreciated. I feel blessed to have not one but two excellent supportive Christian communities, one online (and occasionally real-life) in various ways and one here in town.

Now I think I'm going to take my iron tabs, read Compline, and fall asleep. (I had crab cakes and beer for dinner, so I don't think sleep will be a big problem tonight ;-).


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