Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Round 'em up

I have a couple of tags to respond to, and my dear but extremely naughty Maggie has been tagged by those handsome doodle boys Whistle and Fish over at St. Casserole, but those will have to wait.

I wanted to get some of the Ash Wednesday round-up off my mind. There's been a lot on my mind with the IRS and work, work, work (I got overwhelmed today at lunchtime and cried for about five minutes before I started Using the Tools), but there was much beautiful in the blog world. It helped make up for arriving at church very, very late indeed and missing the Litany et. al.

Milton of Don't Eat Alone writes about discovering the rhythms of the liturgical seasons, and more. He's also doing more or less daily writing for Lent. Charlotte Bob says check it out.

Milton's friend Gordon the Real Live Preacher shows that even Babtists can get the ash-oil ratio Just Right. Don't forget the lemons,

This is the sermon I heard.

Karen posted some Eliot and her meditations on the day. (I took the test. 4.2 planets. Urp.)

For Emily, Ash Wednesday was a day when life echoed liturgy. (In different ways than it did for me, but it was pretty spectacular.)

LutheranChik has a post and then shows a bonus shot of her church in in Lent.

Sister Mary Hasta is doing a lot of thinking about Lent.

I probably missed someone, because it's been so busy.


Blogger don't eat alone said...


Thanks for pointing my way and for the tips to what other folks are doing.


March 09, 2006 2:04 PM  
Blogger LutheranChik said...

Charlotte, your round-up reminds me that I've been sorely remiss in visiting friends' blogs.

Reading Margaret Guenther and Joan Chittester have gotten me thinking about the Rules that govern (or don't govern) my life, and how even little ways of ordering the day help sanctify time. I don't have a Rule for my blogging itinerary. If you've ever seen those experiments where scientists fed spiders caffeine and then let them build webs, the results look a lot like how I travel from blog to blog. LOL (And I ingest a lot of caffeine -- a connection?) And let's not even talk about my site maintenance issues.;-)

P.S. I was alone in our satellite office today and I had myself a short wail, over a couple of different things. It happens. "Take heart...fair days will shine."

Anyway -- I'm trying to do better. And, hey -- thanks for the link!

March 10, 2006 7:14 PM  

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