Saturday, March 31, 2007

Change of Season

Today we had the pre-Easter brass polishing session at the church. Normally during Lent most of the stuff would go back into the sacristry awaiting Maundy Thursday and Easter, but today there was a memorial service, so we put them out. The chancel had all the Easter trappings - flowers, white vestments, shiny brass (the altar cross looked especially fine). The sun was shining wonderfully, so it looked GREAT.

This is the second funeral we've had during Lent; the first one was the afternoon of Lent I and had all the trimmings - fully choral, the Bishop himself swinging a thurible, most of our assisting clergy vested in their Easter best (the deceased was one of our assisting clergy), and reception food that was outstanding even by St Spike's demanding standards. I have often been told that a funeral is an Easter liturgy, and have as a member of the altar guild dutifully hauled out the Paschal candle, etc., and stowed them afterwards, but really experienced it at that time.

Between those and the "Hymnathon" we had one Saturday, where I sang a lot of songs that have that word-beginning-with-an-A-that-Piskies-aren't-supposed-to-use-during-Lent, I haven't felt very Lenten this year. Well, there are other contributing factors - miracle babies, the weather becoming fine ... but roll on, Easter.

Palm Sunday weekend *is* a pivot for the season, but this year I got more than mental reminders that Easter is coming.


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