Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Stop me before I edit again!

I made some major rearrangements in the paper today. After I had zipped the file (which I thought was the final step). Several times. Each time saying "THIS is the LAST". I only tore myself away because I had to go to my acupuncture appointment. But I think it looks really great now. It does hang together and transition WELL IMO and I was worried about transitions. I also rearranged my introductory paragraph to fit how the paper actually developed. MUCH better now. This may be the difference between a bare pass and something much better, although a pass will do.

And I have to stop because I sent it. Mind you, I didn't see the item in Sent Items, so I will resend tomorrow. But I won't edit it, even if I find something else. Of course I was worried about "did I footnote or reference enough". Arrgh, arrrgh, arrrgh. But it reminded me of college when I did my last draft at the typewriter, which is why it took me so long to type a paper. (Back in those days it was typewriter, too. I have to wonder what I would have done with the Wonders of Word Processing (tm).)

I guess I'm almost back on track after two very worrying days (car accident and layoff fears).

If A. is reading this she is probably laughing her butt off.


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