Monday, January 19, 2004


Well, it's gonna take two whole weeks for my car to get fixed. Yikes!! I was thinking maybe three days! I am glad I didn't decide to be brave and public transit it, especially since the insurance is paying. Estimated cost of repairs is a significant fraction of Blue Book value for my car ($4400 vs. $5600 low blue book - although my car goes up to about $8K for high blue book).

It's weird driving around town in a car that's NOT MINE. I rent cars frequently but I am Somewhere Else when I do it.

But I'm mobile again. (And spoiled by having a car. There is a lot I can do with public transit or shank's mare but I am used to roaming around. If it were summer with good weather likely and longer sunlight I might have foregone the rental. Although two weeks would be tough.)

A friend of mine had been sideswiped on the freeway before I had my accident, and another friend slipped and fell on an icy NYC sidewalk, so I'm hoping the "bad luck comes in threes" has been satisfied and everyone else is safe.

I also am almost done with the pretty-much-final revisions on the paper. I accepted A's changes and made some of my own. About the only thing I really need to do is login to my class account and write the title properly. I also want to print it out and eyeball it.


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