Friday, August 01, 2003

A truly tasteless day

The bleeding has gotten far more severe, instead of tapering off. Many tasteless things have occurred. But I am strangely calmed by this because I am thinking IT WANTS TO GET OUT (ie. go away). I told Elaine about it when I begged for a lift due to my weakened state and she said "Well, bring a tarp and a bucket, the car is kinda new". Heh.

No cramps, just really really tired. Tired was a bad thing to be at work today, since it was Virus Hell Day. I hate it when the virus arrives before the Nifty Vendor Update. I didn't get any of my work done, which will make me cranky on Monday because I will have to catch up. I've been in somewhat of an obstreperous mood lately - "don't piss me off or I'm gonna bleed all over you".

Time for a steak sandwich, a margarita, and a nice hot soaky bath. And the ObIronPills.


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