Monday, March 22, 2004

The fog is back

Well, it was back yesterday morning, but burned off quite nicely. It was sunny (if very windy) when I went to Out of the Closet to drop off my donation. I started tackling the bedroom, got more for the Lost Object count, and added two bags of trash to my total. 10 bags total for the weekend and a couple of more of recycling assembled.

I didn't cook (much - I made orange-blueberry bread) and I neglected a necessary trip to the pet food store for Maya's supplies, but I can do that tonight. I'm also wondering if I feel like doing more deep cleaning in the bedroom since it now looks like more of a wreck than usual with stuff strewn all over the floor. I didn't realize I had so many odd socks and that is why my underwear drawer wouldn't close.


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