Saturday, March 13, 2004

The Party's Over

... at least for now.

On Tuesday, the California Supreme Court ordered San Francisco to stop issuing same-sex marriage licenses, ending about a month of weddings (about 4,000 from what I have heard).

It's been interesting and I'm quite sure this is not the last that will be heard on the issue. I have gotten a sense of being a front-row observer to history. I had this feeling during the early height of the AIDS epidemic, when I moved to SF in late 1984, and nobody was dying this time (thank you Jesus). The genie is out of the bottle and I think by the time I'm an old lady it will be legal.

It was a heckuva civic pride booster for SF too - was quite impressed with the Mayor. Gavin Newsom might only be out for Gavin Newsom but it was a master stroke.

The news was not good, but far preferable to the other news of Thursday - once again that sinking feeling of turning on the radio in the am to hear of a massively-fatal act of terrorism. Two and a half years to the day.

The weather still continues very warm and fine, which is quite amazing; we've had a week and more now.


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