Sunday, March 21, 2004

Yay Me!

After procrastinating in about every way possible about doing some zone cleaning (a la Flylady), and doing some half-hearted work (okay, I did fill up most of a paper sack with trash), the penny dropped and I realized that organizing my records for giveaway for the remainder of the clothes donation counted as zone cleaning, since the giveaway pile was in the zone room.

I found my file on the computer, logged into ItsDeductible, and started going through the bags.

And now seven (recorded) bags of give-away are in my car, not in my office. I made a dent and I completed a long-delayed task. It's a good feeling! Last year a big "push" (at this time of year - the day I stopped doodling and started cleaning was the first day of the war) gave me momentum to carry through with the program and I'm getting that feeling again. It's good to have the energy (and the time) to do it, too.

Hoping I have energy to both cook and clean today. I was pretty tired last night.


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