Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Burn Rate

In the completion of his stunning reversal of fortune, Howard Dean bowed to the inevitable and officially got out of the Democratic race. On NPR's "Marketplace" this evening, I heard the host compare Dean's rise and fall to the dot-com bubble and the college professor who was the expert guest did laugh. As I said elsewhere, forty-one million is a helluva burn rate.

I will confess to never much liking Dean, perhaps because he was so popular among the local lefties and anyone who Berkeley really likes is unelectable in the general as far as I am concerned. I'm a centrist, and a pragmatist.

Edwards gave Kerry a scare in Wisconsin by coming close in the primary yesterday - I was actually quite cheered by the "horse race" aspect of it. If I hadn't reregistered I'd vote for Edwards in our primary since I am predicting that Super Duper Tuesday will be his last gasp. I am liking him more and more and that man has some Elvis. If he doesn't get offered the Veep slot, he'll be back.

The sun was out today, which was nice after the nasty weather yesterday. I am still quite tired (minor cramps), and rather spaced out, although the studying is progressing along. The acupuncturist used moxa last night, which seemed to work but has the unpleasant side effect of making all my clothes and hair smell like a certain controlled substance I don't use and don't wish to smell like.


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