Thursday, June 09, 2005

Tongues of Fire

it's big

Speaking of "being back", the picture is from my old stomping grounds, Grace Cathedral, at the ordination I was at on Saturday. It was good to be back there on a fine day and watching Dave get ordained deacon. *squee* I sat in the pews before the start and goggled at the "Tongues of Fire" installation way, way, way above our heads, wind and the Spirit.

It's several months after my confirmation and the feeling that Grace was no longer my "home" has just been more reinforced. For one, I found a bunch of the St. Mark's people in the pews and sat with them, so I didn’t feel alone; for the other, the acoustics of everyone but the Bishop (who has his own mic) really sucked the proverbial dead donkeys through a happy straw and it made me appreciate St. Mark's more.

But it was good to be back, to soak up the vibes, to go into the chapel to pray, to be a part of this grand event.

I didn't get to walk the labyrinth because of the crowds; will have to go in some time with the pal-who-is-moving-to-town and get there early enough to do it.


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