Monday, May 29, 2006

Small world

Two of the people I met at the dim sum brunch for my friend Elissa go to the fab Sara's church, "St. Ned's". So of course when "How many Episcopalians are there?" came up in the context of discussing the day's Gospel at the 8 pm alt worship service last night, I of course had to repeat an old joke, "Seventeen. The rest is done with mirrors."

In other news, my trip with Elissa to Sagrada with Elissa and her fiance caused me to place an online order at San Miguel Designs - Guadalupe robe, apron, shirt, and a Day of the Dead apron. I guess I am psyching up for my trip to New Mexico (which I need to book plane for, etc.). The desire to shop makes me think that I am "snapping out of it" - I have purchased books, jewelry, clothing, AND a computer in the last week or so.

(And I got a wee Anglican rosary at Sagrada, small enough for pocket or purse, so I can clicky the beads when I'm anxious. It does seem to help.)

I've rearranged my June travel plans a bit, so I might have a chance to visit Preston before he goes back to the 'Peg. His thoughts about the other side of the fire of burnout in this post hit home for me. (In the small world, he and I know a number of the same people - indeed he was a seminarian at St. Spike's, back when I was a very occasional visitor.) Not to mention that I will finally visit the church in Davis that I literally lived across the fence from :-).


Blogger Preston said...

Thanks for the link, but more importantly: when will you be out this way?

May 30, 2006 7:35 PM  
Blogger Charlotte said...

June 11 - can swing by for dinner Saturday night (parents have a previous social engagement) or church Sunday morning. I was thinking 9 am service.

May 31, 2006 7:31 PM  
Blogger Preston said...

Charlotte - this would be perfect, except I just got called to Winnipeg that weekend for an interview, just moments ago!

Drop me an e-mail and we can continue the conversation if need be. Just go to my blog - and click the "e-mail me" link.

Sorry to make you do it this way, but it saves me from spam!

June 02, 2006 8:09 PM  

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