Friday, March 28, 2003

Busy Baker

Due to the budget situation at work, a lot of people who are eligible to retire are being strongly encouraged to do so. This benefits the rest of us since more unfilled positions = less likelihood of layoffs among the remainder. So we are having a lot of retirement parties.

I found out about today's impromptu potluck yesterday. So I dragged my leftovers from last weekend out of the freezer. Okay, so I did make another round of triple ginger cookies, but I wanted to test something out before I packed the recipe off to Fine Cooking for their Holiday Baking issue. (The test was successful.) But that means (since I was only able to bake half the batch this morning) I will have Freezer Cookies (two kinds, and still have Freezer Truffles since those aren't going out after all). I seem to be turning into my mother in that respect. (Not a bad thing all things considered.) Now I just have to start bribing the guys at the meat counter and my mechanic with cookies and truffles, and stop saying "I'm not much of a baker" - I'm still not, but nobody who appreciates the cookies really cares about the difference between me and the people who _are_ dessert specialists.

I don't think I'm doing this to take my mind off world events - I usually make something soothing for supper at those times. I made gallons of soup in the fall and winter of 2001 (and still usually make a batch a week - I like it for work lunches). I find the process of chopping and sauteing to be very soothing. I'm not even particularly hungry for the cookies.


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