Sunday, January 25, 2004

Loose ends

I've been at really loose ends the last few days. The situation with the people I usually refer to as "my stalkers" or "my fanboiz/fangirlz" has come to a quite unexpected conclusion; turns out the ex-mental patient was stalking her own sister (while lots of the people involved were falsely accusing me and a bunch of my friends of doing it). Two of the people involved have apologized to me for misdeeds, which I have accepted. It's a relief, but still weird.

I was running a bit late this morning and had a comedy of errors getting to church. I had to use the bathroom just as I needed to leave. The car was iced over and I had to sit and wait for it to defrost. Lots of people were driving very slowly (I got stuck behind a bus - whoda thunk the buses would be running at 8 am Sunday?) and then stuck in SF because a marathon was running up Pine Street. I did manage to slip in just before the Gospel so I wasn't "too late".

Had trouble giving over for one person still doggedly accusing me. Struggled with it all during the sermon and it was "back" later. St. Francis gave me my answer when I made my circuit around the cathedral after services - "Lord, make me an instrument of your peace." I will be working on that, to be sure.

It was a beautiful day, I got my plate back from B., and I went to Lush. Got some perfumed "Ginger" soap and it is making the office smell so good. Got a new bra at VS (definitely needed). Had a bath with a bath bomb. Ordered some things online. But I have been futzing around since I got home. Will study some (REALLY) and do some minor cooking - grate cheese for enchiladas (I can probably make them tomorrow) and bake salmon for my lunch. Not having the enchiladas last week did create Food Crises, and probably wasn't good for my concentration.


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