Saturday, February 14, 2004


About thirty minutes after I posted that, I found the envelope I was looking for. I'm hoping to find the cookbooks next because I rely on those.

Between the exam and the system work last week, I'm pooped. And the weather is gray so I will have to psych myself up for studying (yeah, this really sucks when your deadlines are in January and February).

Even the candy bribe is losing its appeal because I have just been eating so much of it. At least I won't have to fight the V-day crowds if I need replenishing! My mother, bless her heart, sent me the results of a pre-VDay truffle tasting from the Sacramento Bee. I bet that was a real hardship assignment. It was interesting to note that most fancy truffles are 1.50 and up - when I make mine for the office "bake sale", we sell them for a dollar each.

I will be placing an online order for more Lush, since I used my last Avobath bomb yesterday. That is an excellent bath thing for the exhausted. I needed it because I got called at midnight on the oncall phone and had trouble getting back to sleep.


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