Monday, February 16, 2004

It's an Eeyore Day

It's a holiday, which is good, but it's pouring down rain. I am feeling a little down today because the stress got to me last night at N. and A.'s; I had been planning to drink enough to get a little squiffy (as a release from the tension) but not enough to get sick. That was truly embarrassing (and awful - this never happened when I was a young'un).

I had wondered if I would be able to talk about something besides MY STUDIES. But I didn't want that! It's taking the "acting like a grad student" way too far.

Since it's raining hard, no shopping expeditions during break times and no pruning, either.

That being said, I was glad that I had the house-prep for the cleaners done and had finished the study guide. I was moving a little slow this am - not hung over, but my tummy was still a bit dainty and I was still weak - but I didn't have much to do.

AND I have gone through the quizzes in two cycles for the next test. Will probably do two more cycles today. But right now I have to get off the 'puter and sit in bed because my back is starting to complain.


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