Saturday, April 03, 2004

It's April, No Fooling

I missed NPR's April Fool's joke but Google had a good one with its advertising positions on Mars.

I had some less-than-usual shopping errands to run this morning so I got to drive around and admire Berkeley in the spring. I got some sweet peas at Dwight Way Nursery when I was buying planting mix - an incentive for me to water the plants I am finally going to be able to plant today.

There was a lemon tree at the register at the nursery - according to the owner, this is a good time to plant citrus. I will dig out the plans, figure where to plant the Meyer, and dig a hole for it, hopefully all this weekend if my allergies don't fell me (they are pretty bad today).

And the annual Bay Bridge exhibition series is this weekend - am wearing my "There is an A in streak" T-shirt today. PLAY BALL!


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