Friday, June 10, 2005

Friday Church Cat Blogging

Meet Brigid (who, before you ask, is indeed listed under "Staff - Felines" on the web site and in the weekly bulletin):

Behold the Lion

This is her second favorite chair in the sanctuary - her favorite is the even more elaborate chair reserved for the Bishop's use. Fortunately for those of us concerned with de-furring the furniture, the Bishop is on a once-every-two-years visitation schedule. But she is the resident Lion of St. Mark's!

I met Brigid for the first time a couple of years back when I went to an Ash Wednesday service at the church. She was parked on the children's toy basket near the front and peacefully watched the whole church troop up to the communion rails and back past her, twice (once for the imposition, once for communion). The toy basket is her FAVORITE place in the main church; lots of soft, quiet fabric toys for the little ones.

When I went that fateful day in June to 8 am service, there she was again, in the chapel. I had heard through Sara that the cat showed up in chapel and occasionally vocalized when she didn't think she was getting enough attention. No chance of that then, as she spent much of the service on the lap of Dave (who was ordained this past Saturday).

The combination drew me in; being at chapel was much like being in a larger version of my living room (with good light and a mellow cat), but it was sacred space. And it was a "thin space" for me.

As I got to know Brigid, she reminded me more and more of a large gray tabby version of my beloved Maya: she was self-assured, she was mellow, she was moderately social, and she was a good mouser. Now that Maya has gone to Cat Heaven, I have been giving Brigid extra scritchies when I see her, because she is a Very Fine Cat Indeed.


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