Sunday, March 30, 2003

Excuse me while I *preen*

Before I made coffee this morning, I had:

-- Done a load of laundry
-- Baked up the remaining cookie batter
-- Cleared out the area behind the door in my room
-- Made breakfast
-- Reorganized the pile on top of the cedar chest some

and I still got to 8.15 service in San Francisco on time.

Okay, so there was some coffee leftover from yesterday, so I had it when I bounced out of bed at five-fifteen. (I went to bed really early last night - filing tired me out, bigtime.) But about all I did post-making coffee was eat my burrito (leftover management, or what to do with 2/3 of an egg, scrambled), get dressed and start the dishwasher. woohoo!

Amazing the stuff I find - some books were in the pile behind the door, and emptying out the purse for the donation revealed my ticket for the WTC observation tower (on my second trip to NYC in 1998). I gasped at that.

This should be an excellent day for getting stuff out of the house. G. is moving and wants newspapers, and Lord knows I've gots old newspapers. Hah. Just speed-sorted through a stack - if the cover didn't catch my interest it was OUT. And the wardrobe for opportunity lady said she would be at an open house on Hearst this afternoon so it looks like I can avoid a trip out to Walnut Creek.


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