Sunday, February 08, 2004

Another modern moment ...

Finding out your best friend still has the cold from hell by reading her blog.

But she didn't find out I had been in an accident by reading mine. Eeep!

Must call A. before she learns I aced the paper by reading mine.

Nobody knows I got my car back by reading my blog ... didn't say anything. But I did and it looks like new! Took me a while to get used to driving it again but it feels right now. The only blip was that the insurance didn't pick up the deductible.

I suffered through Sat. afternoon crowds yesterday. Went to See's Candy (the week before V-day - what was I thinking?) to get study bribes in the form of caramels and toffees. Ate all the toffees last night. Didn't study a wink. Felt like a pig. Did some excellent non-candy-fueled studying this morning though. Went to the store and bought some Almond Roca.

I failed most of the practice quizzes but that was because I was employing random guess. I will work up a "what's in which chapter" study guide since it is an open book test. I will go thru the quizzes again tonight and see if I do a lot better. If so I will sit the first exam on Thursday.

The cat is cooperating by not insisting on laptime, although I am not risking it for the actual test.

One thing about failing the quizzes repeatedly is that they cycle thru different questions so I was exposed to a variety. This will be useful for the actual exam. The tip I got was to be comfy with the quizzes. And study networking!


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