Saturday, February 07, 2004

It's a beautiful day

Am getting better on the concentration thing, through one means or another. Last Saturday was a flurry of activity - picked up my knife, bought pet food, and put a pot roast in the oven before going off to the salon to get my legs and toes done. Then came home and semi-organized my tax stuff and paid bills.

Still didn't get my mom's birthday card off on time though. (I called.)

Since the weather was crap on Sunday and I overslept and felt like a big slug, I did not get around to pruning my rosebushes. Today is lovely so I will do it some time this afternoon, in between STUDYING.

Yes, I am officially a nervous wreck about the certifying exam I need to complete before the end of the month. I want to study up this weekend and take at least one of the two halves on my holidays. I got an excellent grade on my paper, which is a big hurdle, but I'd like to have this out of the way.

I will probably be fighting my way through one of the local malls to get some chocolate-covered caramels from See's as "Study Bribes". The Trader Joe's chocolate caramels were GREAT incentives. And this way I can get a WHOLE BOX.


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