Thursday, February 12, 2004

Two down, one to go

I passed the first section of the certifying exam today. It was a lot tougher than the practice quizzes but my study guide saved my bacon. This is a good feeling since the process is now two-thirds done. I also have a real good idea how to prepare better for the next test - the quizzes were easy compared to it.

I am both elated and exhausted, especially since I went to the Berkeley Bowl afterwards. Tonight I think I will take a lovely bath after my acupuncture appointment - with a Lush bath bomb (that should change the google ads in my header back). I also think I will be able to go to SLO two weekends from now with the Ship especially since my deadline is the Friday. Current plan is to cram this weekend (three days) and do some weeknight stuff next week and take it Sat. pm or Sunday.

The lost object gods have been playing with my brain. I finally found a long-missing Waterman pen and my other glove in totally expected places but am missing my Laurie Colwin cookbooks and can't find my friend Katherine's address. So I tore the place apart looking for it. Must. Pick. Up. Perhaps I shall find them now that I am not a complete nervous wreck.

I didn't call the insurance about the non-payment of deductible. Will try tomorrow.


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