Wednesday, November 02, 2005

In Paradisum

I continued the Music Cure en route to St. Spike's to set up for our All Souls Solemn Requiem Eucharist. The car CD flipped over to Eva Cassidy's Songbird, and I almost face-palmed in a "Why wasn't I playing this before" gesture. I started howling as "Fields of Gold" played. And I stayed in the car after parking it to listen to "Over the Rainbow" again.

I managed to stay dry-eyed through the transcendently beautiful service - our gold brocade finest (fields of gold again), the sweet smell of frankincense, names being read solemnly by the clergy, and Faure's Requiem performed magnificently (of course!) by our choir.

But I lost it (again) afterwards, when the normally reclusive church cat wandered into the chancel at the end of the service. I had to be told about it, as I was sitting in the back, but I went out afterwards and scritched her (as I cried). It's as if she knew that it was in the tiniest part for her sister.

I was glad that I served despite my intentions to sit on my exhausted rear and Not Work, for that and the feeling that I got that I was definitely useful beforehand. Oh yeah, and seeing the deacon doing figure eights with the thurible on her practice runs on the patio (*grin*).


Blogger LutheranChik said...

I never thought about having to practice swinging a thurible...I suppose it's like fly fishing.;-)

"Fields of Gold" makes me boo-hoo as well if I'm in a certain mood. I really have to watch what music I play in my vehicle so I don't wind up driving into a ditch or into someone else when I'm in the weeps in my car.

November 16, 2005 7:29 PM  

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