Thursday, September 15, 2005

An old friend, in an unexpected place

Today, for some reason, I poked my nose into the Morning Prayer service published by the fine people at Mission St. Clare. I don't do this often, because I have a Daily Office book now.

But poke I did ... and they were celebrating none other than the Divine Poet, Dante Alighieri. I was delighted. I didn't know Dante had a day on the kalendar; I had been contemplating the "who are your patrons" thread on the Ship and dividing mine into "on" and "off". Sept. 15 makes sense, as he died on Sept. 14, but that's Holy Cross Day, a major feast, so I shall remember it in future. And I've been thinking of him, as I prepare to write my "spiritual autobiography" for my EFM class, in which he figures prominently. I was idly thinking last night (not remembering it was Holy Cross) about re-reading the Commedia. But it was, in any case, lovely to see.

(The MSC writeup is quite extensive. One of my fellow Dantisti must have had a hand in it.)


Blogger Cathy said...

Thanks for sharing. I have used Mission St. Clare's web site, but not ventured into that area.

(I love the "karaoke" hymns :) )


September 16, 2005 6:36 PM  

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