Thursday, September 08, 2005


The Evensong and Organ Recital series starts up at my church again and that makes me happy.

The series starts this Sunday, the eleventh of September. I'm taking a pass on a potluck dinner with the Berkeley EFM "gang" (half of whom I haven't met because they are part of The Other Parish Doing This With Us) to be there. Well, after taking a meditation class for all Saturday and Sunday morning, I appreciate the chance to worship with the community.

NYC readers - we are having the organist from Smoky Mary's as our recital artist, in honor of the date. We will probably not be as smoky as they are, because we have this big light building ... although if Louis Weil celebrates, he can actually fog the place up pretty well.

SF Bay Area readers - if you would like to come, please let me know. (comment should be fine) I will probably be slicing things in the kitchen across the courtyard from the sanctuary before the 5:30 start time. Yes, there will be food after the organ recital; we usually have a pretty good spread.


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