Sunday, March 30, 2003

More progress

Today is a beautiful day. In the seventies, sunny. People are walking around in shorts and driving around "topless". There were some boats out on the bay even when I crossed over before 8 am.

What have I done? Clean for most of it, indoors. I think I estimated my bedroom as an eighteen hour job and I have now been slogging for half that. I did resist temptation to clean out my closet (the stuff that DOESN'T show will get done after the stuff that DOES).

I did go out in the garden, and to drop the clothing off. Yes, it is spring, when I have to remind myself to always put my garden gloves on when I walk outside in case I feel like pulling a couple of weeds after I take the trash out. (Although since it's no longer muddy, I don't have to remember to put the garden clogs on.)

How much I'll be able to do in the yard this spring with me in this mode I don't know - probably most of my installation will happen in the fall. I have up to four weeks of vacation available this year :-).

DST starts next week!


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