Monday, March 31, 2003

No cleaning tonight

No matter how I try, my housecleaners always make my kitchen shine. Amazing. I'm even managing to avoid the post-cleaning impulse to cook something that makes a mess (grin).

Anyway, my order from Amazon arrived today. Original estimate was mid April, but occasionally I get lucky and they ship from their warehouse outside Reno. I'm feeling slightly guilty because I feel that I am taking away business from my local merchants - almost bought "Yoga for Wimps" on Saturday at the health food store but thought "I'll see if I can get it used on Amazon" - so I'll have to make up for it by preordering Harry Potter V from Black Oak (at full retail).

Actually I buy a fair number of Amazon stuff used - it is a good marketplace for people selling off their libraries and I still seem to get deals even when I have to take the shipping cost into consideration.

Contemplating whether to go to Opening Day tomorrow - currently leaning against it since I have a tickle in my throat. Am eating spicy Mexican soup (with lots of chile and lime) to chase it away.


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