Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Play Ball!

I missed a great game last night. The pre-game awards ceremony featured A's Greats of Yore Vida Blue, Bert Campaneris, and Carney Lansford presenting the Cy Young, the AL MVP, and Golden Glove/Silver Slugger awards (which they, of course, had won) to Zito, Tejada, and Chavez. Although my decision to not attend was reinforced both by the weather (it did not rain but it was damp and chilly) and the fact that I am "on call" this week and actually did get a phone call almost before I left the office.

The A's thumped the M's five-zip. All five runs were slugged in by new acquisition Erubiel Durazo. I remember seeing him in Phoenix and thinking "who's he" (esp. since the announcer was doing a sorta cheesy Mexican-Announcer-On-Speed riff
when he was announced). I got that question answered.

No cleaning to speak of but I cooked (and stayed warm and toasty, it was 50 F at game time). Will have to clean in the bedroom and the porch for 45 minutes each tonight (will set timer). I can do that while listening to tonight's game, should I feel the urge, but I got real superstitious last night.


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