Monday, May 19, 2003


Well, I was going to blog about how I have reached this plateau with the house cleaning stuff, but I did manage to get some things done on Sunday. Back bedroom de-trashed, underwear drawer cleaned out and shuttable. And sort of whine generally about not being enthusiastic (actually feeling a little burned out ...).

But my cat woke me up this morning and she was very sick. Wouldn't move much. She got whisked to the vet and is there even now. We don't know yet but the vet suspects kidney. Eeek.

I just got off the phone with Ayse, who has been a brick (she lost one of her cats, sweet Mikey, recently to his long term heart condition). I did finally tell her the story about getting new canned food for Maya and wondering, a la Mooch in Mutts, whether she would "schnub" it.

I keep expecting the little lap fungus to jump up on my lap and start purring. The no-purr was difficult for me to process this morning.

Elaine is at home tonight if I want to avoid touching surfaces (she acquired pink eye this weekend in Memphis at her nephew's graduation - definitely Trip from Hell material, although as she said, "Everyone was so fuckin' nice"). Might call her and noodle.

Get better miss thing. The house is empty without you.


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