Friday, May 02, 2003

I can give this up any time, she says

And I proved it because I took my computer in to get a writeable CD ROM drive installed on Wednesday ... and didn't hook it up again till tonight. At times I have been "Gotta get my usenet fix" so it's nice to know I can step back, especially since the weird keep getting weirder on my groups. Had a pile of spam though, including a fake spam run in my name (bounce back messages).

Still recovering from a busy last few weeks (Easter week and following). I would have liked to do a little more decluttering for my little lunch party on Wednesday (the large plant in my living room is dead and needs to go out) but circumstances prohibited. The place is starting to look good, though, so that is a good space to be in - very encouraging to future efforts and much better than a couple of weeks ago when I was feeling "lots of work and nothing to show for it".

Looking forward to catching up with some things in life this weekend. Wish I could garden and deal with my mildewy rose and dead branches on The Rosemary Bush That Ate Berkeley but it will probably rain all weekend. At least my day of was nice so I got to enjoy the living room at its best.


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