Saturday, May 10, 2003

It's spring

Finally. I topped off a week of Not Doing Jack Shit around the house (after the flurry of last weekend) with a Saturday of Really Not Doing Jack Shit. I did go shopping for shoe shelves but didn't find any I liked. More looking tomorrow. Did find a new 8" skillet at Target, though - in burgundy to match my kitchen, for $5.99. How cool is that?

Did some deadheading on the rose but no cleaning, except for basic tidying. Spent too much time on usenet, I think. Gotta work on the time allocation thing :-). Planning an early night tonight - and need to do 2-3 hours of cleaning, plus filing tomorrow to "catch up" on zone work and work towards bedroom progress. I have been avoiding the filing so much that I decided I was going to buy that mosaic planter if I did three sessions (45 minutes) of filing, even if the bedroom wasn't done. I think if I work in the bedroom some I'll feel motivated ... the kitchen (zone) is already moderately organized.

Might go yank some more crabgrass out of the rosemary - much nicer to work there since the rest of the yard has been "decluttered". Look ma no weeds!

Also deciding how much cooking I want to do tonight.


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