Saturday, May 17, 2003

Not much energy this week

Work (another late night doing file migration), come home, sleep lots. Although I'm feeling as though I can do some cleaning and cooking today. Must also remember to go to Elaine's and bring the trash cans in since I was extremely wiped last night. The house is odd without Ginger's fungal presence and constant "MWWWOOWWWWRRRROOWWWRRR". I had swung by Everett and Jones to get some barbeque beforehand and ate it out on the porch ... with the back door open since I didn't have to worry about Miss Thing taking an unauthorized sojourn in the yard.

Saw a piece on yesterday that said San Franciscans spent the most per capita on booze and books. So of course I had to pour myself a glass of wine when I got home and read. Had I selected the book first, I would have pulled out a beer from the fridge - it was "Rememberance of Swings Past" by baseball's funniest umpire, Ron Luciano. Hilarious. I would have gone to Black Oak and rummaged through the Used shelves for a new-to-me author I got a tip about ... but again, I was pretty wiped.


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