Thursday, April 24, 2003

It's becoming a habit

... "a happy habit", as the box of See's Candy always said.

I was at the office very, very, very late (into very, very, very early) last night. I had planned to be out between 11 and midnight but it ended up being half-past one when I left.

And just what did I do at ten to two after I fed the very annoyed qat? I opened up the dishwasher and loaded the breakfast dishes, that's what I did. Of course I had been SMRT and unloaded it in the morning.

And shortly before I left for work again far too soon in the morning (I was back in the office by eight), I did some mild decluttering, for about five minutes. Consolidated a drawer so that I could store my
sweater sets
in it, instead of draped over the footboard. Am considering a shopping trip this weekend so that I can get a small shelf for shoes and some other minor organizational stuff at Target or (surprise!) Marthaland aka Kmart. Anything to avoid filing (heh).

But I'm hoping the "fifteen minutes a day" really starts sinking in. I tend to do things in bursts, although I do spend a lot more time auto-tidying.

I don't feel too bad about not having the oomph to bundle the papers together for recycling: it was raining this morning.

Although I knew it was time to go home when I found myself researching spice racks on google. I think I found one, but still, it's a sign. Space out!

Spaced and didn't order my hummingbird mailbox last night when I was waiting around for stuff. No, it's not for organizing, but it's adorable!

Must sleep. Real Soon Now. Hope my books from my latest Amazon order don't distract me too much from the real business at hand.


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