Monday, April 21, 2003

Easter Monday

Had a most enjoyable Easter, although it was a long day - only in the house for about 15 minutes between 7.30 am and 8.30 pm. It was made longer by the #$@% traffic on I-80 - I dread returning on summer or holiday Sundays.

I didn't help myself by about 5 minutes there since I buzzed right by the exit for 113 south (the "causeway is crowded" detour). Ironically it was while I was thinking I was for once NOT contemplating lighting out for the True North of California and beyond ... my butt still remembered 14.5 hours in the car to Portland! Considered just buzzing on through to 505 and cutting back down there since I had a tank of gas but figured I wouldn't see the Sutter Buttes since it was overcast so I doubled back.

I did think of my grandparents a lot - the last time I was up there (over the Yolo Causeway and up I-5 to 99) was for Grandma's funeral. I thought of my grandfather then because of the time of year and the amazing waterfowl on the Yolo Bypass - he was a duck hunter.


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