Sunday, May 04, 2003

Heh. So much for "I can leave this any time". I was mildly annoyed that Blogger doesn't seem to be available to me at 6.30 on a Sunday morning. But as a systems person I know about maintenance windows :-)

The weather changed its mind yesterday and cooperated beautifully with my neighbor's party plans (besides being close to Hooray Hooray the Fifth of May, it's the kid's birthday) and my gardening. I was able to do some minor deadheading on my Gertrude Jekyll rose and some major pruning out of dead branches of The Rosemary That Ate Berkeley. No spraying though, would have to have a sprayer for that.

I wasn't much in the mood for cleaning (and I was a pretty tired out little camper so didn't fight the retail crowds looking for a shoe shelf). I did, however, get all the handwashing done and was inspired by that to "Fling" (Flylady slang) stuff in the kitchen - dead boxes of tea mostly. The two bottom shelves in my small pantry cabinet are now moderatedly well organized (one has oatmeal and baking stuff, the one above it has beans and grains) and there is a lot less STUFF on my counter (some of the previous residents have found homes in the cabinet). I also found enough brown sugar that I shouldn't have to buy it again soon even if I go on a baking/praline binge. I might "catch up" on last week's Flylady zone by processing papers in the sunporch. It was a beautiful day yesterday and the sunporch is especially pleasant right now since the GJ rose is going nuts right out the window. But I just didn't feel like it so I did something else.

Otherwise it was a fairly spuddy day - didn't even cook much, although I did make those lemon sugar cookies. Amazingly good. I baked ten (they spread - all my big sheet would hold) and finished them ALL off while I was reading "The Secret Life of Bees" (good book). No I wasn't hungry but they were so good I couldn't stop myself :-). I think I'm feeling a bit rested up now and hope to not immediately consume the remainder when I bake them today.

The weather held out enough that I went to Grace this morning - I was up and it wasn't pouring. Thought I might have been a bit overly optimistic when I drove over the Bay Bridge and saw a BIG black cloud over Nob Hill. I think it rained while I was inside. The low level of light through the rose window reminded me of January, but walking out the plaza doors on the California Street side, I was treated to a riotous spring garden display - roses, iris, sweetpeas, and other things blooming madly. We don't get that in Epiphany (the appointed season for pruning back roses out here ;-). The sermon was especially fine - I usually space out wildly, but it spoke to me where I am.


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