Saturday, May 24, 2003

The cat is okay, the human needs help

Things were still a bit dodgy on Wednesday as she recovered from the surgery and tried fighting off the infection. I saw her that afternoon and she was sort of a lump, definitely not out of the woods yet. I was upset again, and Alli and Elaine talked me down - the cat had walked back into her cage on her own four feet, which they said "See, she wants to fight it".

Thursday afternoon was so much better. I gave her a flea brush (she had them bad before and of course had been immobilized) and she purred non stop.

Friday was even more encouraging - she was very alert. The vet said they would have released her if she had been eating on her own but she wasn't yet. I had brought in her blanket in case I got to carry her home in it. We had a pep talk about eating and I got to leave the blanket with her. According to this morning's report she ate last night and this morning, so I am not sure which did it ;-).

Since she ate by herself I got to take her home ... she became VERY alert as we WALKED OUT THE DOOR and I placed her in the car. She's done some exploring of the house and we had some Lap Time. She is now resting on the chair by the computer.
But she is definitely acting like herself - grooming and headbutting me while she was on my lap ... even saw her in the familiar porkchop position. Although that might be tough on the sutures.

Still need St. Francis' assistance with getting TWO different kinds of medicine in this cat TWICE DAILY EACH.

It didn't cost me as much as I'd anticipated, which is a minor miracle too. Hallelujah!

Why I say "the human needs help" is that even after the encouraging visit on Thursday I was still a wreck...woke up Friday to make my coffee with the last of my coffee and forgot to put the pot under (I'd doublefilled it - actually the pot still had some water in it). Then walked out of the room. Coffee all over the counter and no more to make a new pot with!

Last night was a lot better but I still had A Coffee Ooops this morning ... must be all the junk food I've been eating :-(. At least I caught that one in time though.

It's so nice to have her home where I can watch her, and fuss over her, for the long weekend.


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