Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Lighting candles to St. Francis ...

Yesterday between 8 and 4 was a very bad day for me indeed. I phoned the vet early and the blood work was inconclusive. Plus, the cat had gotten worse. That is when I officially fell apart. My cat was worse and nobody knew what was wrong. The next thing was a sonogram - there was something wrong in her stomach area. Surgery was the only hope.

I went off to see her before the surgery because the vet had said if they opened her up and things were too far gone, they would just not bring her out of the anethesia (sp). Basically it was my chance to say goodbye. It was sad to see her so tired with the IV stuck in her paw but she immediately responded to me (with *blinkies*) and I even got a little purr when I stroked her head and chin - that two handed action thing. That made me feel better to get a *purr* out of that cat, possibly for the last time. Whatever was in the IV must have been doing her some good. I cried a lot and promised her that one way or another it was going to be over soon.

About an hour later the vet called and said the surgery had been a success and she was waking up. Burst intestine? (am I remembering this right) and peritonitis. That would explain the suddenness! She still has to deal with the infection but the numbers are now on her side - 50-60%. I am hoping they are better numbers when I call this morning for an update. I am also planning to go visit today since she will, even if she pulls through, be there for a couple of days more.

I spent most of the morning writing her epitaph, in between emails and phone calls to Team Maya (or Team Charlotte ;-). I am hoping that I don't have to use it. The house is still empty without her and I miss her furry purry presence. Expected her to greet me, missed her in the bed, sort of thing. But she may come back. Believe me, when I left the vet's yesterday, I thought that was it. I even started putting away her things at home ... but then stopped myself and said "She's not dead yet and if she dies I can ask Ayse to come over if I need help".


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