Saturday, April 19, 2003

It's a beautiful Saturday

And I'm indoors cleaning again. I went out in the yard this morning to check the new paint job and the weeds are just nuts. Will have to call someone since I can't declutter in the house and the yard at the same time - only so many hours in a day. The late rains have made it really jungly.

Elaine expressed an interest in going to the Cheese Board this morning and getting hot cross buns, so off we went. We came back here for coffee and she was kind enough to hang my new shower curtains for me. I told her that I was feeling a bit anxious since I hadn't done my "two bags worth of stuff" for the week but remembered that I was planning to spend all afternoon cleaning. Sure enough I did two bags worth of clothing to give away, one bag of house trash, and almost two bags worth of newspapers in the first 45 minute session. A bit off schedule since I am waiting for the painter to come by and get paid. Will start in the LR I think. But it's a good feeling.


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