Tuesday, April 15, 2003

No rain, no rainbows

Got home from work last night (after fighting high weirdness in the Berkeley Bowl parking lot) and fired up the computer to tell the blog that an incident that morning that might have upset me greatly (given my mood of the weekend) had made me howl with laughter instead. And I saw a rainbow on my way to work, which I took to be A Sign. I felt very well taken care of, which was useful since there was a lot of finger pointing at the office.

But the computer was dead (fan as it turned out). It was too late to take it to local repair stores so I let my fingers do the walking. And cooked. And listened to the ballgame. And retired at a decent hour with a book.

I didn't clean (the housecleaners had done such a wonderful job) and I'm starting to miss it when I don't. I even left the sink dirty since the chicken came out of the oven at about 9.30. Shocking for no computer to distract me! But I tidied up this morning.

The computer was fixed while I waited. Hooray!


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