Sunday, April 20, 2003

Hot Cross Buns

again for Easter breakfast. Got five 45 minute cleaning sessions in yesterday - never did file since the struggles with "it's deductible" wore me out (slow, frequent drops). I had to go off to Black Oak to see if I could find a particular book (and got it used). Spent the later evening eating guacamole and chips (had 4 small avos that needed eating) and reading a good mystery. I did some entries this morning and it was ok, though, so the trick is to do it at off peak hours due to java being slooooowwwwwww.

Hoping to get home early enough tonight to get a half hour each in the office (dealing with the paper stack, not clothing donation tracking) and one other room.

Got a Sur la Table catalog yesterday and am seeing some incentive purchases in it :-). Actually I was thinking of how I could rearrange my cabinets to buy a stair-step spice jar rack. Definitely in Phase II (when the outside looks good enough that I start tackling the innards one drawer/cabinet at a time).


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