Sunday, April 13, 2003

Adventures in home composting

I spent a big chunk of yesterday afternoon dealing with my brand new worm bin. I couldn't figure out just where to attach the clip-on legs but happily Elaine was available and figured it out. I also made a huge mess of my sink by soaking the coir bedding in there (couldn't find a bucket - hey, isn't that sort of thing what a clean sink is for? my strainer came in useful).
I also hauled myself hither and yon in the pouring rain to try to find redworms - two sources I had found on the web fizzled out and I did what I should have done first, call the Ecology Center. There is a bait shop walking distance from my house.

This morning I woke up early and went in the utility room to find the newsprint so I could dampen it and cover the wormies and their food. Lifted the lid to find several on the edge, making a break for it. Focused my eyes (hey, it was pre-coffee and pre-glasses) and noticed quite a number on the floor (also making a break for it). Scooped the live ones back into the bin (happily I am NOT squeamish about worms) and deposited the dried-out dead ones in the trash. Covered them all up. Not fun at four thirty in the morning!

Did make some progress with cleaning - had cleared out two bags worth of newspapers for the worm bin space, which Elaine promptly claimed for her incontinent cat's favored pee spots. But when I got home from my Worm Hunt, I was not what I would call in a good mood. Had a pleasant visit in the afternoon with Elaine and went over to her place later for dinner (we went to Fatapple's since I was in the mood for fries) and to admire her latest home improvement efforts. She has replastered (actually, taken the wallboard off and patched the original plaster), installed molding at about 1' below the ceiling, and painted (in colors - she is bold). The small bedroom is looking quite chic as her "seaside cottage" room - blue-grey walls, white ceiling and trim, blue-and-white striped curtains from Ikea. It's pretty sunny so that helps with the dark color. And I finally found the solution to my shampoo storage woes when I checked out the bathroom (previously done) - a net shower liner with pockets. Woohoo! Time to slog through the rain this afternoon to Bed Bath and Beyond to get one. At the rate the worms are going I might need to fight the spring crowds at Berkeley Hort for some more worms.


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