Sunday, April 06, 2003


I went to St. Mark's for services today because I missed early service at Grace due to scheduling myself for system work. I didn't want to cut up the rest of the day going to and from SF, although I wouldn't mind checking out the 6 pm service some time. (Actually, if it wasn't Lent, I wouldn't have bothered - I am still crampy and on call to boot.)

I did not encounter the serene church cat I met during Ash Wednesday service (surveying [her?] domain from on top of the children's toy basket) but was pleased to note that under the "Staff" header in the bulletin is the notation "Brigid, Julian Felines". Oh, Purr!

St. Mark's Easter Vigil is at 5.30 am, almost as daunting a prospect of being up till midnight and more at Grace, but they do have a parish breakfast afterwards. With champagne. I wouldn't be surprised if the parish bought the bubbly, either. Heh.


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