Friday, April 11, 2003


Man, have I ever had the bleary-eyed blues and blahs. The "Spring Forward" Sunday was bad enough, especially since I scheduled myself for system work. But I got called on-call Monday morning at 4 am and the cat woke me up twice at 2. At least last night I got smart and pitched her out. I even woke up in time to finally have a shower (bad hair days since I had been oversleeping).

New evening routine needs to include "give the cat a snack" again, I see.

But I have had no energy in the evenings, and have overslept in the mornings. I did get some cleaning done thanks to the increased light - sat out in the sunporch and sorted through newspapers. KQED is having beg week which increases my sense of unreality since the programs are at odd times. (Yes, I pledged last time!) So I have been listening to the ball games. Not bad since the A's have been kicking ass.

But I have no energy to cook, to the point where things are getting funky in my fridge and I'm scraping for work lunches (and dinners!). I blew off going to the store tonight because I was tired and wanted to bring the worm bin in before it started raining tomorrow.

Yoga for Wimps arrived last night (speedy - seller was in Gilroy). Will have to try it. Wished I had it today since I got very upset (crying upset) when I had to drop what I was doing (my almost-overdue projects) and do something for someone else (who should have been doing it themselves). This on top of two days of cleaning up after a department who, oops, didn't have antivirus on a couple of machines and got hit.

But I felt better in the afternoon. Got some high -tech attitude adjustment at Am considering a "I read your email" shirt for work.

Okay, off to pick some roses and scrounge through the fridge for dinner.


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